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Scholyr is the smart learn-to-read app that helps children develop key literacy skills. Powerful tech, engaging design and strong pedagogy come together to build an immersive and effective learning experience.
Scholyr uses voice recognition and machine learning technologies to give automatic feedback and adapt to the needs of each child. Students love the game-like feel of the app, while parents and teachers love the peace of mind that comes with knowing their students are deeply learning.
Our high fidelity assessment system tests students' fluency, phonics, and reading comprehension
Use our reports to design data-driven lessons differentiated to each student
Progress monitor students to see growth, analyze the impact of instruction, and create flexible groupings
How does the Assessment Suite work?
Assess an entire class in 20 minutes.
Unlimited number of assessments per student.
Assess whole class or individually.
Hear your students grow throughout the year! Our fluency assessment works like an automated running record. Students read a short passage aloud and answer a set of close reading comprehension questions to assess their understanding. Educators, parents, and students can listen to any given reading sample on demand. This assessment is a great way to benchmark and progress monitor your class. Generate whole class reports to group students for guided reading, and view each student's progress over time.
Quickly assess each student's reading level in order to choose good fit reading material and differentiate instruction. This is an adaptive assessment that takes less than ten minutes to administer to the entire class. Emerging readers are given audio and visual prompts.
Phonics BETA*
Build an inventory of each student's phonics skills that grows with the student overtime. Easily determine which skills each student has mastered, and which skills should be taught next. Use the Scholyr voice recognition technology to provide immediate feedback in a whole class environment in less than two minutes.

* Contact us to join the beta program
Scholyr is simple and easy to use.

Our app is intuitive enough for even your youngest students and puts technophobes at ease.
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